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Welcome to the "Pheel of Photography(TM)"

Welcome and thank you for visiting Tiffani Photography, Inc.! We hope you will enjoy our work which focuses on environmentally responsible wildlife and landscapes, real estate, fine art, pet portraits, and event photography.

My passion for photography revolves around what we like to call the “Pheel of PhotographyTM”. For me, photography is about sharing a feeling, it is about allowing other people to not only see, but to feel, what a moment represented in a way that allows them to interpret how they would feel in that same moment. There are millions of photos out there, but the truly special shots transport the viewer to a different time and place. To me, that is special and should be shared whenever possible. My art focuses on capturing, rather than creating a moment, therefore I love to focus on the artistic views and fleeting moments rather than on the posed. A locking of eyes with a wild animal, that moment when a rainbow mysteriously appears in the sky, or simply looking at an oft-seen setting in a special way; this is the ““Pheel of PhotographyTM”. My hope is that these photos transport each of you to those amazing moments.

If you find something that you like but would like to see it in different colors, settings, etc., please email us at tiffani@tiffaniphotography.com as this is just a sampling of the work available. Thank you again for visiting our site.

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