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We thought that you may like to know a bit about us. We are Tiffani and Jim Nieusma. Tiffani is the primary photographer and Jim is the second shooter, assistant extraordinaire, and chief back watcher. (It is amazing how much trouble can be found while trying to get that perfect shot!) Tiffani completed studies in Professional Photography with the New York Institute of Photography over 10 years ago and is putting those skills to use photographing wildlife. We are a husband and wife team of 20 years as of August 2014 and share a love of all things animals, helping others, photography, and travel.

Photographing wildlife is not only a passion, but our way of raising awareness about wildlife and helping those who are trying to protect it. Plus, we really enjoy sitting in the snow for hours while waiting for something interesting to happen. Seriously, it is great quality time together.

We believe strongly that anything we do should help others in some way. We are environmentally responsible and never take any photo that is disruptive or unhealthy for any animal. No photo is worth discomfort to an animal in our opinion. We also believe in focusing our attention on facilities and organizations that are proven to have reputable practices.

We would love to answer questions or hear your suggestions! You may reach us at Tiffani@tiffaniphotography.com

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