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How to Submit Your Writing for Inclusion in the Next Book Publication

Radial Reform: Artistic Impressions of Eastern State Penitentiary is a feast for the eyes and soul. What began as one photographer’s journey to capture the unexpected beauty contained within the crumbling walls of Philadelphia’s historic Eastern State Penitentiary, has become the inspiration for the included works of many writers and poets.

This book is an exercise in compassion; both for ourselves as well as others. The hope is that it will continue to inspire heartfelt thought and reflection. It can be so difficult to imagine what life is like for another person living in circumstances so different from our own or even to imagine ourselves living in a way that is different. To do so requires intent and practice and the author’s hope is that this provides a platform for the creative exercise of compassion and insight.

Every reader has the opportunity to view the photos and writings and then contribute their own thoughts for inclusion in future printings! This is intended to be a “living work” so if you feel moved to do so, please see the following submission information. The author is delighted to include contributors from a variety of skill levels, ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, and perspectives. The aim is diversity of thought. The author thrives on the idea of people letting themselves out of their own self-limiting prisons. Every person has valuable feelings and thoughts worthy of sharing. Please accept this invitation to set your mind free!

Written Submission Requirements

• The written piece may be poetry, prose, lyrics etc. The only limitation is that it should not exceed 750 words/4,000 characters. Please make sure it is submitted in an electronic format which may be edited in MS Word so that if it is selected to be included in the book, no retyping is necessary. Content will only be edited for obvious “typos”, font etc. If there is a visual arrangement to the words, please also provide it as an image file so it retains your original vision.

• Please email your submission(s) to and include the following information:

          o Legal Name

          o Name for Print (you may choose to be anonymous in the book)

          o Address

          o Email

          o Phone Number

• Submitters will be contacted regarding printing and release information after submissions are received.

• There is no submission fee for the ongoing editions, unless they are also related to a specific art show/contest which will have separate instructions.

• There is no submission deadline at this time since there is not a pending show. This is intended to be a “living work”.

Ongoing Book Publication Information

• The publication of “Radial Reform: Artistic Impressions of Eastern State Penitentiary” will be updated if/as additional submissions are made. As such, there is no guarantee of appearing in a publication or when it may be. However, the author will stay in communication with all submitters on the status or future editions.

• All contributors retain copyright of their material and sign a “Right to Use” release for the work to be included in the work and/or future shows and related materials. We look forward to reading your inspired submissions. Please contact Tiffani Nieusma at with any questions.

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